Drinking Water Peace of Mind
With SOURCE Hydropanels

When you own SOURCE Hydropanels:

  • Every drop of drinking water is contaminant free.
  • Easy installation right to your fridge, tap, or other dispenser.
  • No wasteful plastic. No harmful chemicals. No inconvenience.

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Perfect Drinking Water, for Every Person


“One of my most important values is independence, being able to take care of myself and those I love. When you have SOURCE Hydropanels, you have the means of your own sustainability. It’s amazing technology, but it’s also really good water.”


“I honestly can’t thank the Zero Mass Water team enough. They provided me and my wife the security and power of being independent from the grid. They provided me with a lifetime of clean water.” 


“It’s wonderful having the cleanest possible water always available at the push of a button, chilled from the fridge. Never having to worry about the cleanliness of the municipal supply, especially with kids, provides peace of mind. And, it’s just so cool!”

Finally, Drinking Water Peace of Mind

Water Independence

Water Independence

When you own SOURCE, every glass comes the reassurance that you are in complete control over your drinking water.

Quality Assurance
Infrastrusture Free

Infrastructure Free

With no piped or electrical input, SOURCE Water is completely off-grid. When you own SOURCE, water access is no longer an issue.

Low Humidity? No Problem

Low Humidity? No Problem.

SOURCE makes water below 10% relative humidity, unlike other water-from-air products.

Don't Take Our Word For It

More Drops of Perfect Water Than You Can Count

A standard 2-Hydropanel array produces up to 300-600 liters of drinking water per month throughout the year.

SOURCE Water Production

That's up to 18 gallon jugs of perfect drinking water made at your home

Every Week

Now that's a lot of drinking water.

The Best Drinking Water Solution

In every way, SOURCE Water is better than all other alternatives. 

All Your Drinking Water, Made Right at Home

Sunlight and Air
SOURCE on Your Home

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