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Receive Site Survey

A refundable deposit reserves your Hydropanels and initiates your virtual site survey with a field engineer, providing you with your all-in cost to finance.

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Finance Your Hydropanels

Visit LightStream to easily calculate an estimated monthly payment. The simple application process returns approval and rate instantly, with funding provided same-day in most cases. 

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Confirm and Schedule Install

Your account manager will review your project with you and collect final payment, made possible by the funding you've received from LightStream. At this time, your installation date and time can be scheduled. 

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Pay Less Monthly

Your monthly payment will be managed by LightStream. No more trips to the store for bottled water- now you own your water!

LightStream loans allow customers to own SOURCE, and pay for it over time. 

  • Like other loans, you make a monthly payment until the balance is paid off.
  • If eligible, you may be able to take advantage of federal and state tax incentives for solar.  Ask your tax advisor for more information. 

  • Depending on your loan terms and bottled water usage, your loan payment could be less than your previous monthly cost for drinking water.

  • Daily monitoring and standard 1-year warranty through Zero Mass Water. Extended warranty available. 

  • A reliable supply of drinking water that is good for you, for your community, and good for the planet

  • Drinking water peace of mind that you and your loved ones drink only the best quality water- without breaking the bank.


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Purchasing SOURCE is a cost-effective and sustainable alternative to any other drinking water choice, whether you pay upfront or through financing. 

For other questions, visit our main FAQ page.

How much does SOURCE cost?

SOURCE is manufactured in Arizona, USA and pricing varies by location due to shipping, taxes, and installation. Installation elements are outlined below, and delivery depends on your location.

With a fifteen-year life, your SOURCE will provide you with a case of delicious water per day, or 12 standard bottles, for less than $1.00!

For additional pricing questions, please contact ZMW directly in the US or your local distributor around the world, contact information can be found on the Global page of our site.


How does SOURCE get installed?

After we receive your deposit and your contact information, a SOURCE representative will contact you to learn more about your home or other install location. Armed with key site information, we will then schedule your install date with a certified SOURCE installer.

Your panels will be mounted in location, connected to a reservoir of your choice (typically refrigerator dispenser, in-sink side tap (like reverse osmosis tap), or a wall-mounted bottle-filler), and tested to ensure you’re delighted with the results. Installation is typically a half-day process and varies based on number of panels and dispenser location.